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Ads With Silly Dancing.

This was a fairly run of the mill, four phase series of ads, promoting articles littered around the Marketing Week, Creative Review and Econsultancy websites. I just wanted to get this up there to show that I was still down with the kids.

And by that, I mean I wanted to moan about TikTok like an old person. As far as I can gather, the platform is largely frequented by teenagers doing little dances to increasingly terrible music. It’s almost like the one word briefing for the app was ‘Instagram, but more annoying’. Also, I say ‘teenagers’. I’ve seen people nearing their 40s actually party to this type of nonsense.

Glad we got that sorted. Honestly, I don’t care. TikTok isn’t made for people like me and I should probably shut up and get back to Songs of Praise or Country File or whatever old gits like me watch. Young people have it hard enough so if they want to jump around like twats to songs that sound like A-Ha b sides (‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weeknd sounds like their entire discography in one song), more power to them.

We’ll all be under Chinese rule by the end of the decade anyway, so fill your boots.

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