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The Wheatsheaf Inn
Logos, signs, posters, websites...God, everything but the ale.

Design and hard drinking. Where do you go from there? Sideways or downwards? Thems the only options.

You’d think I’d jump at the chance to get paid in beer, seeing as though pubs are where the vast majority of my expendable income ends up. It’d kind of cut out all that pissing about with invoices and having to get money out and stuff, plus it’s cash in hand*. Splash in hand. Rimshot. But come on… I’m not George Best. I’m not even Calum Best. Thank fuck.

Anyway, any conceivable bit of artwork was sorted by me, from the branding to the signs, the menus, social media, whatever…even the quiz sheets. I tried to explain the non-literal aspects of the logo (i.e.: the sun is also bottle top) to some of the locals on their opening night and was met with the level of glazed-eyed indifference you’d normally associate with a Sun reading White Van Man attending a driving awareness course. But sometimes people are just too in the zone with their drink. And crisps. And shouting. And just generally being a cantankerous old arsehole.

Amazing jukebox, though. We had it set to ‘unlistenable electronic garbage’ for three solid hours. Cleared the place out. Best night of my life.

* Yes, I pay my taxes. Just so we’re clear.

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