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Pages, Ads, HPTOs. Football and Not Smoking, Together at Last.

Strange one, this. They worked in such a time-consuming way. For starters, they didn’t know what they wanted to say. I mean. Nothing. No input at all. So I just grabbed what I could from their own website and worked from there. When asked if they had any assets, they said no. So back to the website it was to graft it from there. That’s all well and good (kind of) for a web page – I can cobble that together without too much bother, but when it comes to making the ads…well, stuff starts moving about, doesn’t it? And once that happens, it takes much longer to alter.

The long and short of it was that they wanted to see fully completed ads before deciding on any changes. And from the off, they didn’t know what the ads wanted to say. So I ended up doing them three times over. The people at talkSPORT (who this was all for) were as flummoxed as I was with the whole thing. How do you book anything with anyone without really knowing what you want to say?! And why would you need to see things moving about, rather than just approve static frames?

By the end I was imagining how much smoother the process could’ve been had I have taken up smkoing during it.

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