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SOS Voiceovers
Website. Business cards. Bosh.

You might’ve seen another duck thumbnail knocking about. This is sort of a development of that. But separate.

Voiceovers. What a world we live in. I think of two things when thinking of voiceovers. One: Alan Partridge saying stuff like ‘kommen sie bitte und listen to Kraftwerk’ and two: Billy West doing a whole episode of Futurama almost on his own. I think it’s fair to say that if I’d have known that it was possible to be Dr Zoidberg when I grew up, I definitely would’ve had something to offer the school careers officer that differed from the regulation shrug and mumble of ‘fuck knows’.

More here, if that’s your thing: As a vegan, I despise the fact that the video content comprises a) bacon and b) McDonald’s.

I don’t really. I couldn’t give a fuck.

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