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Sophy INC.
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Anyone in my line of work will have an endless databank of people in their head to never work for again. Occupying prime position within this zone is people they know and like.

So one of your friends needs helping in your field of expertise and you’re on it like posh kids on a yacht. You put the effort in because you want to help and you know they’d do the same. But would they? To this level? To the level you no longer regard them as a friend or even an aquaintance, but a sworn enemy until the day you die? When you feel you’re more likely to get money out of them by going round to theirs and mowing their lawn?

In short: never do any work for your friends, because they take the piss.

Except when they don’t, like with this. In fact, my friend Sophy has talked to me on the phone about wanting me to do something for her and paid me before the receiver has been put down.

In summary: your friends are shit and mine are amazing.

Update: This got, er, updated to be more visual and less wordy. Less is more.

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