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Natalie Imbruglia
Vector drawing. Got torn in the what now?

Beth off Neighbours.

For some people, soap operas are the monkey on your back. Remember Sid Owen’s music career? Exactly. He’s Ricky Butcher and always ever will be. Where is he now? He’s down The Arches, where he belongs. For Natalie, it’s a different story. This is despite her actually opening (or reopening) Clark’s Village in Street, Somerset, back in the early 90s. Who’d have thought that several of years on she’d be recycling Scandanavian non-hits to universal acclaim (sort of) and out-Morrissetting everyone that dared to listen?

Actually, if you’re an Australian woman you tend to fall on your feet in that respect. Minogue (K), Minogue (D), Valance and, er, Delta Goodrem would probably back this up. Is she even still going? Is Imbruglia still going?! Well, she is here, at least.

Was she in ‘Love Actually’ or did I dream that? Either way it was a horrible dream.

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