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Love Supreme Festival
Posters, flyers, ads, skins, branded bar backdrop? OK THEN

A bit of an anomaly, this one. The event itself, I mean. Since its inception in 2013, it has been good weather every year. By ‘good’ I mean ‘sunny’. I know it’s not everyone’s bag. Personally I can take it or leave it. I cite the fact that I can spend ten minutes in the sun and end up looking like Tim Curry in ‘Legend’ as reason for this. Suddenly I’m a walking advert for the Sunburn Corporation. I’m not even Scottish.

I get invited to this every year. Which is very kind of those involved but for the most part, my festival days are over. When I was young I could spend almost a week in a field getting off my face, have six hours of sleep and still be ready for college on Monday (I’m from (near) Glastonbury, so that genuinely happened more than once). But now I can barely cope with two days of full festival. And that’s with a hotel and a curry house nearby. On the Saturday of Reading 2014 I went home (Travelodge) to watch Match of the Day.

Plus all modern music is shit anyway so there’s no point. But let’s not get into that right now.

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