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Living Control
Flash presentation. Wifi ruined my life.

More tales from the past. This was via a design agency in the Midlands – I did a fair bit of stuff for them when Flash wasn’t the redundant, smoking carcass it is nowadays. This is the most memorable. I think. Maybe. Anyway, the client were a company that made hifi systems that go all through your house. Something like that. I can’t really remember. I do know that they might well be completely blown to bits by today’s progression on the wireless technology front. Unless they embraced that, I dunno. I could probably find that out but I figured you probably don’t care. Plus I’m a bit busy. Sorry about that.

You can tell I made this, though, as the music samples I used were DJ Shadow, Faith No More, Marvin Gaye and Radiohead. They didn’t seem to mind, so I retrospectively applaud them for that.

VIEW THIS HERE (Requires Flash)

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