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HTML, CSS, data capture, various plugins. The best kind.

These are a hotchpotch of third party client things and in-house directional type things. I remember the BlackBerry one actually being my first proper commission for So it was a bit of a deal breaker.

I knew instantly that that type of client would have an extensive – and frequently uncontactable – bank of cooks hell bent on spoiling broth as if it were their sole reason to exist. But, you know. That’s to be expected. Businesses of that magnitude always do. ‘Can you move the second header down five pixels and three and a quarter pixels to the left because Nathan in accounts once read something about how easy Photoshop was in the Metro and I’m secretly knocking him off so it should be easy for you’ and all of that.  You’ve just got to suck that up and get on with it. It’s why I keep a brown paper bag beside my desk at all times. People think it’s ‘cos I may just break out into hyperventilation, but it’s not that. It’s usually got vodka in it.

That doesn’t happen. People aren’t here enough to know any of that and anyway I have a fridge, and that’s where the vodka lives. Even that doesn’t happen. Vodka. What an appalling drink. You people know that there are other options available, don’t you? Honestly. Vodka. What is wrong with you? Vodka gets by just because of gin’s bad reputation.

William Hogarth has a lot to answer for.


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