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Lady Gaga
Vector drawing. Marvellous hairworld.

So what can you say that hasn’t already been said? Why is she so nuts? Is she a bloke? Howcome she’s just morphed into a motorbike? Do you think she’s ever done anything normal like go and buy a newspaper or something?

It may well betray my rock and / or metal slash unlistenable electronic sensibilities, but this is no place for elitism. I think she’s amazing. I’m basing this on the fact that I’ve seen her live and she can sing and play piano better than I could dream of in 100 lifetimes. You know, the sort of stuff Katy Perry dreams about. That’s if she’s ever had a sentient thought of her own.

And besides, pop music has its place. I’ve always said that. After you cut through the nonsense of wearing a giant hat in the shape of a toothbrush made out of Scotch eggs.

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