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Clint Eastwood
Vector drawing. And night terrors. And day ones.

Fear. The ever living fear. I suspect his mum tried to vacate the room as soon as he was born. The type of icy stare that makes Gorgons go home and think about how rubbish they are in the dark. As if at any moment he’s going to come over and just shatter your jaw with a lead pipe for no reason. No wonder he’s won four Oscars. ‘Eastwood’s nominated. Better give it him as I want to make it home tonight with all of my fingers still attached to my hands.’

So because of that, you’d have to say that The Man With No Name is a masterstroke of casting. Even if it is a lie (they had names). In one of them he’s called ‘Blondie’. Seriously. I mean, usually they’re all like Gunslinger Joe or Johnny Death Hawk or Billy ‘Baby Shredder’ McGhee or something like that. Blondie? Mate.

I probably should mention something about that Gorillaz song but I’m not going to.

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