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André Gomes
Everton Vector Portrait. A Series of Long Sufferings.

Christ, can we give it a rest with the beards, by any chance?! You start drawing a beard and then look up from your screen and you’ve somehow lost 48 hours. Also: hair. If everyone could just have alopecia from now on, that’d be great.

I’m still awaiting the best of André Gomes, but I think a lot of that can be attributed to the ankle shattering times served up by Son Heung-min. Personally I don’t think it was malicious, but if you’d have checked social media in the immediate aftermath, you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise. You know how it is. Hysterical lunacy for the most part.

As a side note, this drawing was also featured in the MIFA 2020 project, set up for Dave Will, in aid of Fans Supporting Foodbanks.

Tremendous stuff.

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