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Website (plus migration of old content). Resposiveness abound. Damn kids.

‘The Kids are Alright’, wrote Pete Townshend back in the sixties. I presume in those days he had to write cheques in order to conduct his ‘research’. Let’s not get into that. I still have questions.

Generally speaking, though, the kids aren’t alright. Or rather they need help. And that. So these do that. It’s a strange feeling, working for a charity and expecting money from them. I suppose you must have to deal with that on a daily basis if you’re a full time employee.

Having said that, I have no time for them Chuggers. Professional guilt trippers. I do my bit. But short of printing out my direct debit activity and stapling it to my face, I’m not sure how I can get the bastards to leave me alone.

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