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YouGov, TheyGov, WeAllGov. ADVERTS.

Brought to you in conjunction with Marketing Week. And occasionally others, somehow. I’m not sure why. It’s not my job to know why.

Now. Stats. Or ‘insight’ they call it nowadays. Where do we stand on this? In some sense I get it. If you’re getting hammered at the Test match, counting the dot balls, maidens and reverse-hooks for six dressed like Elsa out of Frozen, I can see the appeal to a degree. But this? I think this is more of a rounding up several groups of hysterical Daily Mail readers and counting how many times they tick boxes about hating foreigners affair.

That’s a joke. I only really say this because of the vitriol poured on YouGov on Twitter. Which, as we know, is a thoroughly sane and rational environment, full to the brim of the most impartial and calm people on the planet.

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