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Virgin Radio: Europcar
Pages, Facebooks, Ads, etc., etc. I'm in Me Mum's Car, Broom, Broom.

I’ve only ever used Europcar myself when I was in Tenerife in 2011. It was harrowing. Every time I wanted to change gear I used my left hand, so almost vacated the vehicle at high speed. Never again.

Anyway, this campaign saw Virgin pit two presenters against each other, getting users to register for their favourite. Then, on the day of the launch, the pair would ‘race’ each other to London from Manchester and the winner would be picked from the team that wins. The idea that they would be broadcasting from their respective cars en route. I don’t know how you would really tell that someone was doing a show from a car, what with it being the radio, but that’s not really my area of expertise. Maybe they would’ve just shouted ‘oh God, I really hate the M6!’ periodically or something.

I say ‘would’ve’ in that sentence because the whole lot got scrapped. The Ariana Grande thing in Manchester happened just before it was due to kick off. Terrible business.

Anyway, Europcar came back for a second bite of the cherry, and I ended up developing a lock up logo  for their sponsorship of Virgin’s summer festival stuff. Then they did another page after that as well. So I guess they got on with Virgin alright.

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