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ULSU Student Handbooks
Loads of pages of stuff.

Time for me to lay down some old skool East Midlands on you. Don’t make out you weren’t waiting for that to drop.

2001. Standard year, great film. I was still at university myself when I did this, so you can imagine how much it melted my brain when they paid me actual, real-life money. This is the second one I did. The first was in 2000, but this is the better of the two.

As you can see, it’s not exactly the most ‘fun’ or enticing – or even in any way relevant, in fact – student lead imagery. Which makes it all the more weird that they came back the second time round. Both of them were covered in mangled bits of old, scanned instruction manuals and first aid books. I mean, the thumbnail (I assume you’ve seen it because you must’ve clicked it to even read this. Maybe not. I forget how it works) is a picture of two kids on fire. And that was from the cover of the first one.

It’s almost like I was saying, even as a very young man, ‘yeah, students of Leicester – you may be having fun now, drinking your cheap beer and having your casual sex with each other, but you will  one day die screaming and totally alone, more than likely thrashing about in your own piss.’

I think I stand by that message, even now.

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