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The Lowdown
The Lockdown, More Like! Oh, That's the Joke.

This single graphic doesn’t really do this justice, to be fair. For one, this is about half the size of the actual page (but who wants to scroll forever just to see largely similar boxes?). For two, it took approximately two months of daily updates. Each day there was at least one new seminar to put into the page, sometimes two, somtimes three. It kind of all had to be right, as it was running across multiple brands (including Marketing Week, Econsultancy, Design Week, Creative Review and many more). There were also ads to do across some of the more important sessions. And a suite of ads was seven separate units.

What I’m trying to say is that was a vast amount of work that needed to be done almost immediately. The page itself was built on a platform called Ceros, which I’d sort of used before, but was still a bit of a learning curve. Not so much a baptism of fire, more a baptism of moderate warmth. In the end, the system struggled to cope with the volume of content. Personally, I don’t think it was designed for something like this and it honestly would’ve been better of as a ‘normal’ content managed webpage. For the sake of a background animation in the page header, it wasn’t the best choice. But once you’ve started there’s kind of no going back, I suppose.

The elephant in the room. The Covid. All this was because of the pandemic. Remember that?! It’s probably still going on. I think we’re all clear that there’ll be no ‘I love 1983’-style TV programmes for the year 2020. Soon there probably won’t even be television anymore. It’s all a Mad Max wasteland from here. Lovely.

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