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The Box Plus Network
Website migration, HTML , CSS, WordPress. Bleeding ears.

Weird one, this. They let their domain expire and everything disappeared. Luckily the first thing I did after talking to them was copy their entire site. The next day KABLAMMO. Boxless. So I had to piece it back together from what I had. Trial and error central. Thankfully, for ages the player didn’t work properly, as I messed up with a crossdomain.xml file. We’ve all been there, man.

You’ve probably guessed my views on this already, but we’re here now, so: modern pop music is terrible. It didn’t used to be like this. The Box, Smash Hits and the rest of it offer a good service and all that, but there’s only so much Jason Derulo you can hack over a two week period.

In my experience, absolutely none whatsoever is the optimum amount.

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