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Stylist Magazine: #EqualPayDay
Who run the world? Ah.

Well this was fun. And yet depressing. Like going on holiday. It always ends, so what’s the point? Anyway, I love doing stuff like this, but it very rarely comes along. It’s always tricky when the amends come in (there was a whole section of this cut out involving a man and a woman having a conversation on the Tube) but the satisfaction levels of finishing it off are through the roof. Like men’s salaries, amirite?

Seriously, though. What kind of world do you live in where this kind of stuff happens? Women get paid 18% less for doing the same job as men? The who in the what now?! Maybe I’m being naive but when I worked in the media (properly, I mean. Not like I do now), whether you were male or female didn’t seem to matter so much. People invented their own rules half the time and could dream up a new job title at the drop of a hat and employ all their mates in a completely before unheard of role. I appreciate that that kind of thing doesn’t happen at Dolcis or Gregg’s or whatever, but there was a serious lack of standardised jobs. Suddenly there’s a new position called ‘Head of Insert Here’ and it’s already gone to someone and never even been advertised. Weird.

I’m straying off the point. Your world sucks balls. Sort it out. Thanks.


Oh yeah, the above one was the official version but I did a rock one because rock beats jazz as well as scissors…

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