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Stereo Sushi Teryaki Flashcard
Flash animation. Easy on the wasabi.

Having been a staunch vegetarian for fourteen years*, I’m probably better off eating the stereo than the sushi.

Raw fish obviously isn’t a new thing, but I still find it a bit of an insane concept. What was ever wrong with cooking stuff?! The Japanese aren’t a particularly lazy bunch, as far as I’m aware, so it can’t be that.

Blue steak? What’s that about? I’ll tell you. Tapeworm is what it’s about. And you deserve it, as far as I’m concerned (in more ways than one).

* Genuinely edited this to say it’s been nineteen years**. Thanks, everyone.

** Including three as a vegan. Jesus.

*NB Thanks to Steve Jobs’ vendetta against Flash, this is unfortunately no longer viewable*

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