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Pitch Black: World Elite
The Very Best There is. When You Absolutely, Positively Got to Kill Every Motherfucker in the Room.

♠ Controversy ♥ Leadership ♦ Money ♣ Loyalty

A series of individually illustrated playing cards featuring footballers, arranged by squad number.

This was the first of these and includes the bestest players ever. Kind of. They still have to stick to the rules with the numbers and everything. The problem therein being the mavericks like Johan Cruyff, who was traditionally number 14.

Obviously with stuff like this, there’s no guarantee that everyone will agree with you on who is the best, even if there are 52 slots available. Where’s Ade Akinbiyi? Where’s Richard Dunne? Where’s Ronny Rosenthal? Etc.

If you’ve seen any of my other football related stuff, you’ll note the inclusion of absolutely zero Everton players. Which comes as a surprise to nobody. If you haven’t, this makes no sense.

Ah well.

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