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Pitch Black: Women
Smash the Patriarchy PLZ.

♥ England ♦ Rest of the World ♠ USA ♣ Europe

A series of individually illustrated playing cards featuring footballers, arranged by squad number.

My own unfinished symphony. The original plan was – like the men’s World Cup in Russia the previous year – to get this lot done in time for France 2019. I didn’t manage it. I had similar trouble and abandoned the squad replicating the actual squads from the tournament in favour of a sort of ‘all time’ list of players, but ultimately decided to do it too late. It just ended up being waaaaay too much to get done with my ‘proper’ work going on at the time. In all honesty, I nearly had several heart attacks doing the Russian one, I couldn’t really face doing it again.

Realistically, I don’t know *that* much about women’s football, but I know enough to get by. And the global superstars are pretty obvious. The hardest thing was sorting out the suits. As I follow the England women’s team a lot more closely than any other, it made sense to reserve one for them. Then the Americans. They can have one just because they win everything all the time (in 2015 they were 3-0 up against Japan inside 15 minutes. And that was the final). The other two diced up between Europe and the rest of the world.

Over the past few tournemants, I can tell you that following the England women’s football team is quite a harrowing experience. If somebody thrashes you in a semi-final, it’s kind of fine. Missing a penalty in the 86th minute (and getting a player sent off two minutes later) to force extra time and largely be in the ascendancy and shanking unstoppable own goals in the last minute aren’t good for your mental well being, I’ve discovered.

Anyway, with the time thing and money thing, this one remains incomplete, sadly. Here’s a screengrab of my working Excel sheet. Which looks absolutely dreadful, so I’ve chucked in a video of Megan Rapinoe to sweeten it. She didn’t even get into the pack!

Madness, I tell you.

PS Fara Williams and Jill Scott got switched round because they can’t decide which is number 4 and which is number 8. Fair enougn. They only had 10+ years and seven tournaments to work it out.

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