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Marketing Week Meets…
Ads, Ads, Everywhere. Also Videos.

I was going to say this podcast series stretched over a year at a rate of one a month, but it turns out I did 21 of them. Which doesn’t really correlate to a year, does it? Or 18 months, even. It’s like a year and three quarters. Weird.

As you can probably see from this, there was a LOT of it. When you consider each set had six different sized ad units, you get…whatever six times 21 is. Let’s call it 126. Actually more than that because a lot of them had to double up with branded versions for the folk at Somethin’ Else.

To be honest, I’m trying to big myself up a bit after the revelation that 21 lots of six is only 126. It definitely seemed like more at the time(s). I suppose it’s the marketingness of it all. It can get a bit heavy.

Like a giant anvil made out of corporate jargon.

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