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Magic Logos
Logos. Yep.

You’d think one Magic would be enough, but apparently not. I’m not having a go. Magic are great at what they do. I mean…I would never drive an SUV but I’m sure they work perfectly well. I’m probably exempt from purchasing one of them anyway, as I’m pretty sure you have to have swathes of horrible vomiting children in order to qualify. You know they’ve even got a ‘Magic ABBA’ as well? I dunno. I’m not a strategy bloke or anything like that but…maybe just buy some ABBA records? IF YOU LIKE ABBA SO MUCH WHY DON’T YOU GO LIVE THERE?

Anyway, back to this…you may think these are pretty simple and you’d be right, though what isn’t on display here is the hours of frustration trying to appease several hundred million people. With the colours and the font size and the kerning and the etcetera. The ol’ design-by-committee, boy. They say patience is a virtue. So why am I not the Pope yet?

I’d probably give the position the swerve if I was offered it, tbh.

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