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Lydiate Series Books
PDF Book Covers. Bill Oddie not Included.

Book wankers. You’ve seen them. So eager to impress on you their voracious appetite for books. The book is *so* much better than the film. Oh my God…you haven’t read the book?! Sorry, I have to leave the room to get away from you, you stinking troglodyte.

Yeah, yeah. Sure. You mean you read the plot synopsis on Wikipedia whilst sat in your pants watching a series highlights edition of ‘Take Me Out’ and eating a whole multipack of Frazzles, like a normal person.

Anyway, this. It was all very simple as I was given a decent initial brief and pretty much full creative license to do whatever I wanted beyond that, as long as birds and sheds were involved. Actually, the amends for one of them was ‘can you make it a bit darker?’ As in ominous.

Which was certainly a first, I can tell you.

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