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Digital, Print, Syncopation in Erratic Time Signatures

I hate to go all Peter Kay on you (really I do), but: Jazz. What’s that about? Is it just one bar of 5/4, followed by 7/4, coda then 4/4 to finish? Or is it just whacking a saxophone solo over the top of something? If the former, Nine Inch Nails works. If the latter, ‘China in Your Hand’ does as well. Is it an ethos? Like Punk? Dispense with the rules and do what you want. So Jazz is Punk and vice versa.

I think the basic answer to the question is: I don’t know. I do know that it killed Roy Castle, though.

This is / was another long term thing. Loads of graphics, channel imagery, comps, promotions, videos. If you’re interested in that type of thing, I would recommend having a look.

Despite what I’ve said, I don’t think there’s much NIN or T’Pau.

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