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jazzed: Social Media
When Portrait Mode is the Bane of Your Life

I’m not joking. 1080×1920 is a crime. Anything that’s anything is filmed landscape. So crowbarring that into a portrait space is a nightmare. You end up having to stick a load of new keyframes into the original video and following the focal point around the screen.

In fact, I’m such a purist that I even view 1080 square as an aberration. But that’s modern life, I suppose. Suck it up, grandad.

There are lots of these, so here’s a brief smattering. Usually they have a German version as well. I usually try and keep an eye open for grammatical mistakes when I do this type of thing, but how do you do that with a language you don’t understand?

Wenn es falsch ist, machst du es erneut.

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