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Jazz FM Awards
Logos, websites, adverts, invites, event brochures. Niiiice.

Awards ceremonies. Uh uh. Not for me. Acclaim is fine, but just buy me a pint or something. If you’ve been here a while you’ll know that I’m not about the showboat. Attention, I deflect it. Please. Go and look at someone else with your eyeballs.

I’ve been to them before. The ones that make the mistake of saying ‘turn up wearing what you like!’ So I invariably go dressed as like the bass player out of Lordi or something. I get that they’re a thing to get annihillated for free at but I don’t mind paying for a bit of quiet, honestly.

I usually get invited to these and it’s always very kind of them – they are a fantastic bunch of people to work for, so it’s really not the company. It’s the dressing up like a snooker referee thing that I can’t be doing with.

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