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Safe to File Under 'Misc'.

Didn’t you have ads in the 21st century? Well sure, but not in our dreams. Only on TV and radio, and in magazines, and movies, and at ball games…and on buses and milk cartons and t shirts, and bananas and written in the sky.

A bit of old skool Futurama to get us going on this one. Ads, eh? Love them (nobody) or loathe them (everybody), they do exist so it’s up to you to make the best fist of it you can. And the IAB are helping, as far as I’m aware. In that they set out the rules and standards to an MPU can’t scrape your family’s entire medical history and send it to the Russians. Or whoever America has decided is the enemy this week. Something like that.

But let’s not get into ethics. I just do the pictures. There’s loads of stuff going on with this lot – print ads, PDFs, flyers, PowerPoints, event nametags and so on and so forth. A bonus animation below if you get that far.

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