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IAB Infographics
Graphics That Provide Information. Cough.

I do love some infographics, me. Hence why this is uncoupled from the other IAB post knocking about. A lot of the time with stuff like this you get an overbearing attack of the literals. In the sense that the people you’re working for tend to want things obvious and anything like an abstract idea is binned.

One time I was taked with producing graphics for a time-based quiz on the radio. My idea was based around a dandelion and its spores – of which every child in Britain knows is called a dandelion clock. Blow said spores to tell the time. Inaccurately, but hey, whatever. It’s a clock, you see?

In the end, we had to go with images of clocks. Great stuff. Another semiotic battle lost.

None of that happened here, mind. This was all fine. I just got carried away. Sorry.

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