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Hed Kandi Flashcards
Flash animation, music editing. Free CDs means car boot sales are go.

I lost count of the amount of these I did back in the day. I’m going with…at least six. These are massively old skool and Flash based. Flash. Ah-aaaah, saviour of the…oh dear. Maybe not.

The trickiest bit of these was always getting the music to loop right, as you were only allowed to legally use 30 seconds. I think. Something like that. I was always preoccupied that these were constantly going on about beaches, discos (normal and roller), venues in Ibiza and other places I would naturally avoid as if my life depended on it.

I mean, the only way you’re ever really likely to get me into a beach house is if it has no windows, locks from the inside and contains a sound system that’s only able to play CDs by The Smiths and Napalm Death.

PS Ok, here they are. Ten in the end.

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