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Heavy Beats Radio
Logo design. Social media business. Bleeding ears.

House music. There’s a thing. Not a very good thing, if you ask me. Ordinarily, with any musical genre, I accept that even if I find it absolutely horrible there’ll be something in amongst it that will make you go ‘yeah, that’s actually pretty good’ and you’ll find it sort of ‘unlocks’ something in your brain that allows you to travel elsewhere within it. A few smatterings of jazzists when they’re not going completely mental, LTJ Bukem for drum and bass…but house music? I’ve got nothing. It’s all a bit upbeat for me. Life should be about wallowing in a stagnant pool of your own despair, not going out and enjoying yourself. What’s wrong with these people?! Unless MARRS’ ‘Pump Up the Volume’ still counts, in which case, I’m in.

Anyway, logos. These are them. You could argue ‘well, you’ve just turned a ‘V’ upside down and used that for the ‘A’s’. And you’d be right. But don’t be going thinking that that happened on the first go. I’ve got a working out sheet as long as your arm and if maths GCSE of the 90s taught me anything, that’s half the battle. Also, quadratic equations and parabolas. But you don’t want to hear about that right now.

Though to be fair, I’d rather listen to either of them than any house music.

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