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Facebook Create
Logo Development. Page Build. Adverts. Selling Your Identity to the Russians.

The Zuckerberg juggernaut. I hardly ever use it. I only even have an account because everybody else does and work. I used to post regularly in the early days, but now it’s effectively just a self promotional platform. People you vaguey like, desperate to impress on you how much better their life is than yours; peace, love and cocktails in the sun from Dubrovnik and have you seen this child I created?

So then. Creation. This was a three part project for Marketing Week and Creative Review, culminating in three pages, loads of digital ads and a couple of print ads thrown into the latest Creative Review magazine. Don’t ask me when said recent magazine was, because lockdown has deep fried my sense of time. I’m not even sure it’s linear anymore.

Had to revert to the page mockups here as my system login expired. I never screengrab anything until it’s too late. Pinning it on lockdown, also.

In fact, anything I fuck up in future is lockdown’s fault. I could run the country, tbf.

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