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DTC Interactive Presentation
Flash presentation. Bling bling.

‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’, warbles Mailyn Monroe, covered in diamonds. You can’t help but think she was a bit biased. I reckon if you’d have furnished her with a hundredweight of Wimpy vouchers it could easily have been ‘Bender in a Buns are a girl’s best friend’.

You’ve got to give credit to Wimpy for sticking by their guns with that one. They could easily have changed it. Unlike in the film ‘The Last Airbender’, which contains the immortal line ‘I could tell at once you were a bender.’

I’ve not seen it, but I have it on good authority that that bit really is the film’s highlight.

Oh, the work? I was working on behalf of a design agency and did this for a CD Rom what the diamonds people done wanted. Exactly. CD Roms. The glory years.

VIEW THIS HERE (Requires Flash)

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