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Drill Boy
Comic Strip. Kind of. It's complicated.

This was a weird one. Intentionally. We (me and my friend Danny) invented a bizarre world, inhabited by a bloke with a drill sticking out of his head who lives with a Scottish man who’s a grill. Yeah, well. What can you do?

In all, we did six episodes. I think we would’ve done more but – as with most things of this ilk – it’s just hugely time consuming to get done. Certainly to the level we wanted to get it. There’s no point scrimping on these things but when children arrive to the party (him, not me, thankfully) a lot of stuff goes out of the window. Time to grow up and all that.

But anyway, these were fun while they lasted and we did tons of spin off stuff; mini games, easter eggs, radio shows and the like. I mean, it’s all absolutely mental and disturbing at times, but then so are we, so that’s to be expected.


Here’s a list of the episodes…

Milky | Cheeky Boy | FTW! | Die in a Chair | Demon Seed | White Xmas

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