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Logo, Website, Stickers, Business Cards. The Whole Shebang

You can see that there’s a lot going on here, so I’ll just let that speak for itself. CBD oils are apparently good for relaxing you and your joints. And soothing other things. I’ll be honest, I’m no expert. I think the most important thing is that it’s legal. Long gone are the days where you bought an item of clothing with a hemp leaf on it at Glastonbury and had to hide it from your mum when you got home. This type of thing is all the rage.

Living where I live, it smells like downtown Amsterdam anyway. I’ve walked over the road from where I live to get some (non-dairy) milk at half seven in the morning and walked past lads already on the smoke. Which blows my mind every time. Like you’d have a can of Strongbow on your commute to work or something.

Anyway, this isn’t that, it must be stressed. The oils aren’t the THC. So that’s good. I think.

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